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Digital Photography Review, also known as DPReview, is a website about digital cameras and digital photography, established in November 1998. The website provides comprehensive reviews of digital cameras, lenses and accessories, buying guides, user reviews, and forums for individual cameras, as well as general photography forums. The website also has a database with information about individual digital cameras, lenses, printers and imaging applications. Originally based in London, Digital Photography Review and most of its team relocated to Seattle, Washington, in 2010. It is currently owned by Amazon. DPReview is one of the top 1,500 most visited websites on the Internet, according to Alexa Internet.

A user called bobn2 expressed his opinion about DPReview saying: ¨DPReview" sucks in a review for DPREVIEW itself and added: ¨I mean, they design a site where you're forced to read every thread. What they should do is have a list of thread titles, so you could just click on the ones you want to read. Hell, they could even split the place up into different forums, you know for general discussions, photos, brands, that sort of stuff, so you know what you're likely to get in each forum. Instead, they compel you to read all the way through stunning, self-absorbed arrogance and lack of respect. So thoughtless of them. Worse than that, they make you participate in threads you don't want to. Wouldn't it be much better if you only had to add to a thread if you clicked a 'reply' button on a post or something like that? Such lack of consideration for us all.¨


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Richard A says

"This a good camera review and discussion site, secondarily a news site, if only because they lag other sites in news updates. The reviews are done well, even though they don't actually do many in a given time-frame. But in the forums, it's fine unless you run afoul of the moderators who range from tolerant to lock-step minions with no appreciation of context. This is probably due to policies from their corporate owner, Amazon. Corporations don't like controversy and anything that deviates from a fine-line. If you want more free-ranging discussion on cameras, go elsewhere."

editor says

"good informations, reviews ok, clear website, confusing forum and confusing comment function."

marinus says

"Dpreview always has the latest news and everything I need to know about the latest technology in photography. I sometimes join the contest and I have won 1 time. When a new camera is announced they will post a quick review on the same day. Apart from canonrumours.com (dpreview doesn't do rumours) and photographers site my only source for photography."

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